sexual harassment

Sexual harassment: advice for employers

The issue of sexual harassment reared its ugly head again recently when a serious complaint landed on the desk of one of my clients. A new starter, on their first day at the company, was asked inappropriate questions by an older employee. The changes in society regarding gay and trans rights mean that more and […]
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advice on menopause

New advice on menopause for employers

Menopause symptoms could now be classed as a disability, so employers need to get up to speed to ensure they are supporting staff and complying with the law. In this article, we cover everything you need to know… The changes are the result of an employment tribunal brought by a female social worker against her […]
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Employment status: a quick guide for employers and workers

The rise in popularity of the gig economy and outsourcing business services has blurred the employment status boundaries. In this article, we highlight the importance of understanding the legal distinctions between employees, workers and self-employed/independent contractors. The problem is that the differences are not as straightforward as employers might wish, with the criteria for each […]
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Allocation of Tips

The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023 looks set to change how hospitality businesses treat their loose change. In this article, we dig deep to reveal what the new legislation could mean for employers and employees. The basic principle behind the new law will require businesses to fairly distribute all tips, gratuities and service charges. […]
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Probationary Periods

Why probation periods are good for business Hiring staff can be fraught with danger, which is why probation periods are an essential tool for all managers and business owners. In this article, I highlight why you need to ensure your HR onboarding process acts as a safety net. As an experienced HR consultant, I have […]
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6 reasons why you need a dress code at work

From casual Fridays to power suits, this article unlocks the hidden dangers of not enforcing a dress code at work. If you see staff strutting around in shorts, you need to read on… In today’s dynamic work environment, some may argue that dress codes have become less relevant or even unnecessary. Whether it is due […]
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