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My FREE HR Health Check is perfect for SMEs seeking a professional HR consultation to assess the risks in their business. Arrange a call with me today

Benefits of an HR Health Check

The wellbeing of your business is as important as your financial success. You wouldn’t skip your car’s MoT test, so don’t neglect your company’s policies and procedures.

The world of business and employment legislation is constantly evolving, so staying competitive and compliant may feel like a never-ending race. That’s why I am here to offer a FREE HR Health Check to ensure you have the essentials in place.

From staying up-to-date with legislative requirements to optimising employee benefits and performance management, I will conduct a professional HR consultation to assess your current processes. I will benchmark your business against current and upcoming UK employment law.

Here are some of the areas covered in my HR Health Check:

  • Recruitment processes
  • Contracts of employment
  • Payments and benefits
  • Working time regulations
  • Performance management
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Why choose JT HRConsultancy?

As an experienced HR professional, I specialise in resolving people-related challenges. I have assisted numerous organisations to understand their HR landscape, pinpointing areas for enhancement, and devising targeted action plans.

When legislation changes, such as Right to Work and the Minimum Wage rates, knowing your HR strengths and challenges helps you proactively address issues, ensuring compliance and a competitive edge.

I believe in a friendly and professional approach and will work closely with you and your team during the HR consultation process. Following my evaluation, I provide you with a comprehensive feedback report, highlighting areas for potential improvement.

Why not give your business a clean bill of health and enjoy peace of mind? Book your FREE HR Health Check by getting in touch with me today.

1 %
of job seekers said a negative interview experience can make them change their positive opinion about a company (Linkedin)
1 %
of employees believe that being stressed affects their work quality (Deloitte)
1 %
of Generation Z feel that it’s important to work for a company that shares their values (CareerPlug)

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First HR consultation for FREE

Do you require help with a burning question or a potential issue in your workplace? Book your FREE HR consultation to receive my honest, professional advice. I will listen to your concerns and needs, providing a glimpse of the tailored strategies I can implement to drive your business forward.

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Simplify your HR processes and save valuable time with our collection of ready-to-use HR templates. No need to start from scratch – our templates are designed to suit your business needs. Contact me today for your unique access code!


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