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If you find hiring staff a hassle, I am a recruitment process specialist who can connect you to the right candidates. Read on to learn more about my tailored, recruitment support service.

Struggling to find the right people?

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending circle, searching for the perfect candidates but never quite hitting the mark? I get it, and that’s why I’m here to transform your recruitment process.

I can craft bespoke hiring strategies that align with your business needs, streamlining HR and recruitment into a quick, seamless and efficient process.

Whether you’re seeking short-term staff, permanent team members or trustworthy remote workers, as an experienced recruiter I can advise on finding the right people.

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Why choose JT HRConsultancy?

Recruitment can be time-consuming and costly, not to mention the potential legal pitfalls along the way. From screening CVs to conducting interviews, I am here to offer the support you need.

I am not just a recruitment agency, I take a holistic view of your business and culture, to source the right candidate for you. As an HR professional, I want to understand your company so I know which candidates will be the best fit to fill your job vacancy.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a senior-level manager or a graduate bursting with potential, I can help.

My recruitment process is designed to be efficient and thorough to avoid the risk of discrimination. Think of me as your strategic business partner, helping to build your dream team.

The recruitment process doesn’t end when the candidate starts work. Staff retention is a key element of any successful business, so the paperwork, corporate induction and ongoing training and support all need to be spot on.

Say goodbye to your hiring headaches and say hello to a tailored recruitment process with JT HRConsultancy.

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First HR consultation for FREE

Do you require help with a burning question or a potential issue in your workplace? Book your FREE HR consultation to receive my honest, professional advice. I will listen to your concerns and needs, providing a glimpse of the tailored strategies I can implement to drive your business forward.

Get access to HR templates

Simplify your HR processes and save valuable time with our collection of ready-to-use HR templates. No need to start from scratch – our templates are designed to suit your business needs. Contact me today for your unique access code!


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