What happens if an employee doesn’t sign their contract?

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I often get asked what happens if an employee doesn’t sign their contract of employment.

Firstly, it is a legal requirement that you give an employee a written contract on or before their first day of work.

You can add in a clause saying that if they don’t return the signed contract by a ‘stipulated date’, then the offer will lapse.

If they turn up on the day without a signed contract, print another one off for them to sign, no excuses.

No signed contract, no work.  Don’t be afraid to send them home.

If you have failed to issue a written contract, there is still a verbal contract of employment between you, but the business is not protected.

Remember the employee is always protected by employment law.

Get your HR paperwork in order, you’ll be glad you did as it protects you more than the employee.

Whether you are an experienced business owner or a new manager, we recommend that you should seek professional advice. JT HRConsultancy is an established HR services company based in Bedfordshire with clients across the UK.

If you need help with employee documentation, whether it be a contract, employee handbook, policies, onboarding paperwork, please get in touch. https://app.site123.com/contact

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