I help clients  who are struggling with employee issues and feeling really fed-up! Employee issues are often urgent and stressful for both the manager and employee, and I can take that stress away from you.

My clients are business owners and directors who are so busy running their business they do not have the time, desire or expertise to deal with employee matters. It doesn’t matter that Joe hasn’t been performing, maybe he’s just having a bad year! You have no in-house HR and the proverbial has now hit the fan.

Are you:
• Juggling too many hats as a business owner or director and stressed out by employee issues?
• Not sure whether you’ve got your HR basics right?
• Building your business, yet the pandemic has seen your margins decrease & you need to restructure?
• Wasting valuable time on Google looking up ‘how to deal with a ‘grievance’ but are still none the
• Waking up in the middle of the night, sweating 😓about how you are going to deal with all your HR

Saying to an employee – ‘Have you got a minute’? It scares them every time 🤣
Working in HR for over 20 years nothing surprises me, every day is different.

Your company may not possess all the skills & knowledge of an HR professional to deal successfully with employee relation issues and ignoring HR responsibilities and legalities could lead to a costly tribunal and we don’t want that!💰💰

I can offer a package specifically around your needs providing you with a clear focus on managing HR & employee issues.

I have worked within the following industries (but not exclusive to):
IT Software, Leisure, Technology, Logistics, Manufacturing, Recruitment, Education, Commercial Cleaning, Corporate Workwear, Printing, Shredding, Charity, Gardening Services and International Consultancy.

I am highly qualified and experienced and there is not much I haven’t handled in my HR career. In 2000 I set up a complete HR function for a new start-up company and was instrumental in growing the business from 5 employees to over 100 with a 98% talent retention rate. Yay go me 🤣

Reducing sickness absence from 7% to 3%
Employee retention saving £000’s in recruitment costs
Managing employee issues saving £000’s in tribunal costs
Reducing business owner headaches and saving them £00’s in painkiller costs 😊

I'd love to have a conversation to explore if we are a good fit for one another. Send me a message jo@jt-hrconsultancy.com or call 07715 026128