Are you a Dan?

20 Jun

Meet Dan. Dan is 45 a family man who loves to spend time with his wife, children and dogs. He has run the family business successfully for many years now.  Dan is very hands on in the business and very much involved in the day-to-day “doing” within the business.  Dan doesn’t have inhouse HR. Aggie has been employed by Dan for a long time and through hardship stories and emotion, Aggie has managed to persuade Dan to make amendments to her role that Dan didn't really want to do.  But, hey  Dan is a caring and understanding (and maybe 'too soft') boss who felt sorry for Aggie. Anything for a quiet life! 

Times have been tough during the pandemic, but Dan’s business is on the up. However, Aggie is still giving him grief.  Dan let Aggie flex her hours during the pandemic and now Aggie doesn’t want to return to her contractual hours. This time though, Dan has been tough and did what he should have done years ago, and not give in to emotion. Aggie has now thrown a tantrum,  gone sick and thrown in the mental health issue card! That's new to Dan.   You know what is coming next, the Drs Fit Note! Dan is now desperate and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  He’s lying awake at night thinking: 

  • he now has staffing issues
  • how long will Aggie be off sick?
  • will he have to pay for temporary cover?
  • will he need to involve occupational health and pay for counselling sessions?
  • will he miss deadlines?

What Dan needs is some HR advice to support and guide him through this.

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